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People assume change has to take a long time to happen and must be painful process.

How many times have we heard people say “no pain, no gain”?  Does change really need to be painful to be meaningful?  Does change have to take a long time?  Change can be instantaneous - it may seem magical as it’s so fast - if you decided you want it to be.  And pain is certainly not mandatory!

Now let’s talk about worry.  Is there something you worry about on a regular basis?  Do you worry about it every day? How many minutes do you spend worrying each day?  How many hours is that per week? How many days is that a month?  How many weeks is that a year?  And I guarantee you when you multiply it up you will be talking about weeks a year or even months…. Thinking of how much time you spend worrying about things that never happens?!  Just suppose you could place value on every waking moment and then you could do something better with all that time

Staying on a similar track let’s move in to fear, particularly strong irrational fears such as phobias.  What purpose do those fears have?  And who actually generates that negative emotion?  If you think of whatever your phobia is about, be it spiders, snakes, roller coasters or whatever, do you get the symptoms of your fear even when you just think of a spider?  So it’s not actually there with you, right?  You’re getting scared of whatever it is even when it’s not there?  Does that tell you that it isn’t the thing you’re scared of that creates your fear, but actually it’s the way you think about it?  Could you decide to change the way you think about it?

The philosophy of NLP is to teach people the skills to think differently, to make better decisions, to break old patterns of negative behaviour and create new choices and new options, so they can do different things.  It’s a way to program your brain to do what you want it to do!  Show someone how their brain works and it opens a world of opportunities not only to communicate more effectively with them-self, but also to have more control over their internal representations of events, their internal emotional state and therefore their behaviour.  And if whatever you do first doesn’t work, then do something else and if that doesn’t work do something else…   

What is actually impossible?  If the universe is infinite, aren’t our possibilities infinite?  The universe is limitless and so are your possibilities to change what you’re thinking.  As Richard Bandler said so succinctly…  “NLP is the study of successful thinking.”  Is that something you’re interested in?   Could that be of value to you?