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About Us

About Us

To Strive, To Seek, To Find

I was always fascinated with people and potential, leadership especially. I’d listen deeply to what people said, I’d watch intently. I’d wonder what makes a person the way they are. What is it that people say to themselves, believe about themselves that makes them do, what they do.

I’d wonder what is it that drives people, and what are they looking for. I’d ask if we're looking for the same things and when we do achieve, why doesn’t it feel enough. I’d wonder if we're looking for the wrong things or in the wrong places.

I’d ponder the nature of reality, are we on different paths up the same mountain or do we each have our own? Why is it possible that people can see the same things yet know something different about it?

I’d talk to those who are happy, truly fulfilled and ask what do they know that others do not? I’d wonder if it was static or if it changed and, if it did change, what caused that?

So many people, so many questions, so many perspectives, so many techniques.

With over 30 years of medical practice, the same questions drives me and I choose to see the person behind the patient and it makes all the difference. I am a consultant physician and Certified NLP coach. I strive for helping patients to achieve complete well-being. Having a passion for what you do is one of the best ways to maintain your motivation.

Consulting Physician : Hinduja Hospital (Khar), Asian Heart Institute and Guru Nanak Hospital.

On Panel : Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA), FMC Cheminova, Endemol Shine India.

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