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Medical treatment with a difference, not just treating the disease but also seeing the person behind the patient. Because, we believe that motivating a person against his/her illness is the true art of medicine.


We spend one third of our life in sleep. Little do we realize its importance in wellbeing. Both quality and duration of sleep play a significant role in determining our health. The sleep clinic deals with sleep disorders such as snoring, daytime sleepiness and insomnia etc.


We can’t change the genes, but we can certainly alter their manifestations. Periodic & regular health checks help pre-empt familial and genetic diseases. Altering lifestyle by regular exercise, good nutrition, vaccinations can change the course of many a disease. We emphasize the need for emotional and social connect.

Health for complete wellness, to achieve your purpose and live your passion

As the WHO definition says “That health is not mere absence of physical illness. It’s also about emotional well-being and being able to achieve your full potential.”

YES…the first step is medical consultation, with a detailed history and physical examination. Investigations and treatment are next in line.

BUT, we make it a point to see the person behind the patient, because I firmly believe that emotions play an important role in illnesses and their recovery.

We choose to be a little different in the practise of medicine. Besides our routine of treating diseases and ailments. We believe in a complete detailed history taking to understand ‘The Person behind the Patient’.

Staying Connected

I always wondered, what is a website..?

And why is it necessary…?

A net savvy doctor, I am not…!

And never thought of making one

To me, conversation is important, and actual conversation …

Physical presence and verbal communication between a doctor–patient; can make a world of a difference.

It can drive home so many aspects of healing.

Because ‘eye contact’, non-verbal communication and body language expresses and delivers much more than just talking.

I simply adored the aspect of motivating patients to a better committed health and well-being.

Then came ‘Corona’ and the masks and PPEs and gowns. And all focus was on the essence of survival and preventing infections.

But it was / is also a time when patients needed more of ‘talking to / and reassuring and motivating’.

And with the ‘astronautical’ attire, it became difficult to express, share and empathize.

Hence; the thought of creating a website to share my thoughts.

And a better lifestyle to live a long healthy productive life.

And to savour and preserve the gift of health we are bestowed with, but often give little importance to.

And as a part of “Staying Connected”, we decided to introduce the newer concept of “Keep”.

An interesting word it is indeed.

It actually represents a place to store, preserve and keep up with renewed updates to enhance lifestyle and medical management.

Who doesn’t want to be happy ?

Isn’t Health the most conducive essential for doing and achieving your purpose and passion in life...?

— Anand Clinic